Final Day Status Update: Onto self-paced learning! by Jonathan Buchholz on June 17, 2022

Today was the final day of Willston Web Coding Bootcamp as part of Comunidad’s Rising Leaders Program. 12 students made significant progress on freeCodeCamp's (New) Responsive Web Design Course throughout the week and took home donated laptops today to continue working over the summer. Students are incentivized to keep working, with prizes waiting for them upon completion of major milestones. One student even stayed up until 2 am this morning to keep working!

Bag of Hi-Chew next to Hershey's
Sometimes we needed a little extra motivation

Here are a couple of photos from the week:

One student helps another by pointing to her screen
One students writes out HTML on a whiteboard while the other watches

Students were inspired by the wonderful speakers who came throughout the week. Here are a few takeaways from the lunchtime speakers:

Ricardo did an amazing job introducing speakers throughout the week and leading the panel today!

This week was a huge win for everyone involved! We will provide an update later in August when the program comes to an end. Thank you for believing in Willston Web.

Group photo

Don't worry—just updates.

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