Our Story

"Can you teach me?"
– Ricardo Perez, co-founder and inspiration for Willston Web

Willston Web was born of friendship: when expressing his frustration with the monotony of his current job sorting clothes in retail, Ricardo asked Jonathan, "Can you teach me [web development]?" upon hearing about Jonathan's work managing websites. Jonathan had been wondering how he could make web development more accessible and share skills he had developed at his science and technology focused high school, so he was elated to hear Ricardo desired to learn web development and thought that there might be others like him. Together, they are planning the Willston Web bootcamp. Along with increasing access to personal computers and inspiring students to pursue a career in programming, they want to foster a web of students that learn together in a community effort.

Our Team

Ricardo Perez

Ricardo picture


Ricardo is a junior at Justice High School and the catalyst for inception of Willston Web. He serves as a Rising Leader with Comunidad and is eager to learn the basics of web development. He sees Willston Web as a great place to learn how to “to make money in your space, at home, while you take care of your brothers or sisters.”

Jonathan Buchholz

Jonathan picture


Jonathan is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. He has a strong background in computer science (Python and Java) from his time at school and taught himself web development when school shut down in 2020, which gave him the skills to work his first job. You can find out more about Jonathan on his website.

Catherine Buchholz

Catherine picture

Lead Designer

Catherine is an 8th grader at Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School. She has an eye for beautiful design and made with Willston Web logo. If you like our YouTube thumbnails or are interested in learning more about her work, visit her website! She does commission pieces, but her work for Willston Web is pro bono.